Our latest workshop is ThinkWell - it combines award winning film and learning to encourage discussion about emotional wellbeing. Find out more and see it in action here .

After a ThinkWell workshop, young people are 40% more likely to know where to go for support on mental health and 41% more likely to ask for that help. Book for your young people now.

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Pixel Learning is a unique collaboration between film and education. Our aim is to use film to inspire empathy in young people empowering them to deal with challenging issues before they reach a point of crisis. 

67% of young people feel lonely and isolated due to problems they have faced now or have faced previously

(Connected Generation Report 2015 - survey of 5,000 young people aged 13-24 across the UK) 

We believe that it is the children and young people of the UK, over 15 million of them who make up over 20% of the population, who will be the agents of social change.  All of our work is about empowering and enabling young people so that they can affect cultural change for the next generation.

We are led by our key values - our approach to learning is REEL:


Realistic - we use documentary film of real people’s stories to explore challenging issues. We believe young people respond to truthful footage and that it stimulates honest discussion. We use film to encourage young people to ask questions and explore attitudes. We recruit experienced workshop leaders who don’t shy away from sensitive topics and have a genuine approach with young people.

Energetic - we use kinaesthetic activities to reinforce learning. We believe that learning needs to be engaging and interactive. We ensure that all our workshops appeal to different learners and allow young people to learn through doing.

Empathetic - we listen, respect and value young people’s contributions. We believe that young people should feel supported and encouraged to share their ideas. We create a safe environment in our workshops with clear guidelines, distancing methods and specialised, professional support. We use feedback from young people to measure our impact and to improve our workshops.

Life-affirming - we use film to empower young people. We believe in sharing stories that inspire young people to confront challenging issues and take control in their own lives. We equip young people with information about how to deal with adversity and raise awareness of support networks. We positively reinforce and encourage young people to take the first step in asking for help.



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