We are developing a ThinkWell Ambassador programme that will allow young people to be representatives for mental health and emotional wellbeing at their school or youth organisation.

All young people who attend ThinkWell are given the opportunity to become a ThinkWell Ambassador.  The ThinkWell ambassadors are our youth voice.  They are central to our work and will be involved in:

Creating and supporting mental health campaigns

Helping with interviews of new ThinkWell staff

Developing activities for ThinkWell

Creating website and social media content on mental health


Our ThinkWell Ambassadors, Grace and Saron recorded these short clips on mental health.   We tweeted these on the same day that Sam, Creative Director of Pixel Learning, went to Kensington Palace to discuss The Stranger on the Bridge with HRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Stranger on the Bridge is the powerful and inspirational documentary that we use in ThinkWell.


Grace's video

Meet Grace....














Saron's video


Meet Saron....