Everyone Has A Mental Health - Madeleine Berry / by Richard Bentley

Maddy works within the charity sector and volunteers for Pixel doing their social media. She has an interest in and investment in mental health, and how it is viewed within our society as a whole, completing a dissertation on approaches to mental health in the early twentieth century. She is currently enrolled on a course surrounding mental health and how it is depicted in literature .

Why I got involved in Pixel doesn’t boil down to just one answer. It incorporates many years of passion as well as pain surrounding mental health, from many different angles. I have seen mental health issues affect friends and family very deeply, and I have felt it affect myself also. It’s almost impossible to find a life that mental health issues have not touched, which is what makes it so relevant and crucial to the lives of young people today. 

As a young person a close family member was struggling with her mental health, and I looked on, unaware that it was affecting my own mental health too. Years later, after many tears and a lot of pain, I came to deal with that problem and realised I hadn’t known where to turn when I had needed to. I hadn’t known it was an option. Had I known, I could have saved myself many years of internal struggle because of the past. Also, as a consequence of these events, my mother began to suffer with anxiety and depression and has done ever since.

And that is the crux of ThinkWell. Early intervention and an awareness of the options available to young people struggling with, or perhaps even just curious about their mental health. Showing them that openness and tolerance is the key to a better societal and personal attitude towards the issue is something that I feel very passionately about. If my mother had heart disease she would be treated as a patient with an illness requiring treatment. The fact that she struggles with depression does not afford her the same approach. Rather, it is often considered that she isn’t trying hard enough, or she is choosing to live in a rut. This isn’t an attitude that I can get on board with, and through ThinkWell and Pixel Learning hopefully we can provide a new generation with the skills to consider mental health with the respect it deserves.

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