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We take the very best of documentary films and adapt them into interactive talks and workshops that innovatively allow participants to explore challenging subjects that intersect with their everyday lives.


for workplace and educational settings

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Pixel Learning was created by Sam and Rich, documentary filmmakers at Postcard Productions – an acclaimed and multiple award-winning company that specialises in producing film content that engages with social change.

Having worked extensively in the film industry we are passionate about using the powerful stories found in documentaries to reach new audiences. Pixel was born out of this desire and uniquely takes the very best of documentaries and reimagines them as interactive talks and workshops to empower people to explore the issues intersecting with their everyday lives.

We believe that documentary is an exciting and thought-provoking medium that naturally engages people with important topics. By harnessing this power and adapting it into dynamic and informative talks and workshops we can facilitate open and honest conversations that break down fears, challenge stigmas and enact positive change for participants.

Our programmes at Pixel provide a safe gateway into challenging subject matter. Our intimate settings encourage stimulating conversation of the issues at the heart of these stories that builds resilience, engages communities and helps manifest the pay-it-forward messages in the films.

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Our interactive talks are all about engagement, empowerment and equipping people with the tools to tackle issues they may be experiencing in their personal and professional lives.

The structure of each talk is based on the narrative of an award-winning documentary chosen because they represent universal issues that are relatable to all of us. Using clips from these films each talk is divided into manageable sections that provides the opportunity for reflection and discussion on the issues raised with the aim of strengthening community relations.

Led by our experienced facilitators the talks have been designed to encourage communication and demystify some of the fears and anxieties that might exist around such subject matter. Engaging and thought provoking they bring to life issues at the heart of the films that are relevant to participants.




The aim of our workshops is to immerse participants in the world of the documentary, creating a space for them to participate and explore the subject matter within that film.

Designed for smaller groups – of up to 30 people – the workshops are interactive immersions. Using the spine of the documentary’s narrative as a basis, selected clips are watched and then followed by activities that allow participants to discuss and investigate the issues raised in greater detail. This might be through group work, art or kinaesthetic activities that are reflective, engaging and thought-provoking.

Each workshop is led by a trained Workshop Leader who is highly experienced in delivering these session and facilitating safe – and fun – spaces for participants to explore the topics of the film in relation to their own lives.

We provide 60 and 100 minute versions of each workshop to accommodate different schedules and can adapt flexibly to the requirements of each venue.


be inspired.


To book call t: 020 7498 9110 e: hello@pixellearning.org