What is it?

Quick Facts

Length: 2 hours 

Audience: All secondary school teachers and youth workers

Group size: Up to 15 adults per workshop 

Location: In your school, college, PRU, youth group in London or further afield

ThinkWell CPD Training for Teachers (ThinkWell CPD) is an interactive training workshop that uses documentary film to provide teachers and youth workers with an understanding of mental health issues in young people.

It provides practical tools for supporting young people’s emotional wellbeing. Led by a therapist with over 30 years’ experience in Child and Adolescent Mental Health for the NHS, it gives teachers the confidence and knowledge to support young people.

ThinkWell CPD is inspired by a real life story told in the Channel 4 documentary,  The Stranger On The Bridge. The film is based on the #findmike campaign launched by Jonny Benjamin to find -­ and thank - ­ the stranger who helped him when he was struggling with his mental health.

ThinkWell CPD uses Jonny’s story as a narrative to empower teachers and youth workers to discuss issues around emotional wellbeing, demystify the stigma surrounding mental health and take practical steps to help themselves and young people.

ThinkWell CPD has been designed to work as standalone training or in partnership with its sister workshop, ThinkWell, our dynamic workshop for young people aged 11+.

For more details on ThinkWell CPD works see our handout and book here


"Great insight into mental health awareness, everyone working with young people should have access to this"

"This workshop is extremely informative and gives great tools for ways to handle mental health issues with the young people that you work with"        

"This workshop will set schools up to think about mental health and wellbeing and how to achieve a healthy working environment for both staff and students"

"Pixel provided our team with a wonderful introduction to mental health issues that are faced by young people, and helped to equip us better to serve them. Highly recommended!"